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What do AI and ML mean and how do they relate to ChatGPT?

Hardly any news feed appeared in the last few days without updates on ChatGPT – for experts an easy read, for the most readers hard to understand. With this post on the BIENE IT blog, we want to give you a brief overview of the hype issue and summarize the most important information about the…

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Ransomware - BieneIT

Ransomware: Defence and risks for every company

You have probably heard the term ransomware before. It refers to malware that restricts access to data or entire systems and releases them only after a ransom has been paid. In most cases, ransomware attacks are carried out by so-called encryption Trojans, which rewrite all information according to a specific code and thus make it…

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IT security in companies: simple steps for risk reduction

IT security is becoming more and more important in the business environment. There are many reasons for this change. On the one side, the Corona pandemic favoured remote working, and on the other, the trend towards new work structures emerged years ago. Known as New Work, this way of working refers to location-independent labour, whether…

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SD-WAN Controller - BieneIT


What is SD-WAN? SD-WAN or Software defined WANis a software-defined approach to managing wide-area network (WAN). This means that SD-WAN automatically determines the most efficient way to route traffic between branches and data locations. Powerful Software enables Information Technology (IT) and network engineers’ employees to remotely program edge devices, reduce delivery times and minimize or…

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DevOps for software and hardware

What is DevOps? There are multiple interpretations of DevOps (development and operations). Essentially, many features of this approach already exist in most well-functioning cloud organizations. From this angle, DevOps looks more like an evolution than a revolution in the way the company IT sector works. DevOps can be viewed from three angles – people, processes and…

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OEM and ODM Development

OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing) and ODM (Original Design Manufacturing) are two important terms related to the manufacturing and electronics industries. These terms can sometimes be confusing to people who are new to these industries. Small companies or startups hire some resources from OEMs and ODMs to produce and design their final products. What is OEM?…

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