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IT Project Management

Are you facing the new IT project? Whether it’s software development, system migration or IT consolidation, we’ll be happy to handle all work steps – from planning via implementation to control. We stand by you as an external partner 24/7 until the project is completed and delivers the intended results. Complex IT workflows, such as software development, system migration or IT consolidation, require expertise within IT management. In this aspect, you can count on us: we rely on longstanding know-how and a motivated, skilled team!

More than 25 Years of Expertise

Software development, software migration or IT consolidation, we know everything about challenging IT projects and base our work on years of expertise. As an external partner, we have a fresh view on your IT workflows and can advise you on IT optimisation and the efficient organisation of daily tasks. No matter what project is planned (software migration, IT consolidation, system migration, etc.), we will professionally take care of the planning, implementation and completion of your IT demands. We form the competent interface between application development and the users, for example internal department and project members. We promote cooperation and exchange between all parts and take responsibility for performance and the achievement of goals. We create and monitor the time and budget plan for the project and adjust the planning as necessary. We also organise the distribution of tasks and the coordination of all project participants as a part of IT management. Responsible and efficient use of resources of all kinds is a self-evident part of our work.
Prevention - BieneIT


With our monitoring system, you benefit from professional supervision of applications, operating system, hardware, network and datacenter. This enables us to detect problems and errors even faster and prevent them from revealing negative effects and/or becoming a threat in the worst case. The monitoring system is an effective way to prevent potential IT problems.

Translator - BieneIT

IT Interpreter

Do the following situations sound familiar to you? You have an urgent IT concern, but understand nothing of all the technical terminology? No problem: we translate for you by speaking the same language and advise you in a fair, neutral and clear manner. Our goal is to help you make the right decisions that will enable you to master every IT challenge as efficiently as possible!

solution finding - BieneIT

Solution Finding

When your problems grow… we will generate solutions for them! We take on your IT challenges with pleasure and work out effective and individual solutions for these. Our expert team stands out for its ability to solve even unusual IT problems in record time. We not only develop customised solutions for you, but also IT strategies that meet your needs.