Datacenter Colocation, i.e. outsourcing your own IT hardware into the datacenter of a third-party provider, has several benefits. In addition to lower costs (you don’t need your own datacenter!), you also profit from higher reliability and 24/7 support. We from BIENE IT also offer you extern back-ups as a proactive and creative method to protect your data against the increasing threat of ransomware. Because hackers are also finding more and more creative ways to use every possible security gap. The malicious software is one of the most common hacker attacks in the corporate environment. The cybercriminals do not stop for non-profit organisations and are not misled by the size of a company.

In times of real cyber threats (some experts even speak of cyber war), no company is safe from a malicious attacks, no matter what industry it comes from and how big or well-known it is. The demanded ransoms are constantly rising, and financial losses due to longer downtimes are added to this. Cybercrime has become company-like structures and consists of several departments with clear responsibilities.

Extern back-ups are an effective way to protect against ransomware

We manage your servers and monitor all systems 24/7. We offer you three datacentres at different locations: these are in Berlin and Frankfurt, among others. With our concept of multiple backups, your data is especially well protected.

Additional advantage: By hosting your data externally, it is also safe from internal theft or loss.

This is how we proceed to increase the security of your data:

Important: The back-ups, even if they take place several times and are checked regularly, are not a preventive activity against ransomware. Their purpose is to limit damage or recover more quickly after a cyber attack. If you would like to learn more about possible preventative steps against ransomware, please read our blog post about it. You are welcome to contact us in regard to datacenter colocation or other IT themes: We from BIENE IT are glad to help you!