Competences / IT Audit

In general, an IT audit is understood as the inspection of the in-house IT systems and IT processes with a focus on security. As such, this analysis is focused on the specific environment and IT workflows. The IT security audit is like an inventory of the current IT infrastructure and is intended to identify all potential vulnerabilities in order to be able to recommend appropriate changes. The IT security audit serves to discover existing attack areas before serious IT security incidents occur. These range from lost data over longer downtimes to a reputational damage, depending on the type of cyber attack.

 Thanks to the rapid development of information technology, more and more business activities are supported and controlled by IT processes. In most cases, it makes everyday business a little easier, but it also brings new risks and requirements in terms of IT cyber security. As your expert for IT security, we ensure that all necessary steps are taken to analyse vulnerabilities and minimise risks.

What are the benefits of an IT audit?

The main benefits of an IT security audit are obvious: with our help, you can find the possible vulnerabilities in your IT infrastructure before they can be used by hackers for a cyber attack. You can also learn a lot about your own IT systems and processes, for example in relation to the so-called shadow IT. This term refers to the use of devices (hardware) or applications (software) without prior authorisation or without the knowledge of the IT executives. The unauthorised use of these IT systems or solutions can cause additional security gaps.

As your expert for IT cyber security, we can advise you on the issue of shadow IT as well! Another advantage of an IT audit: you can discover services, systems or programs that you no longer need or that are outdated and require an update.

IT audit: step by step to more IT security

Whether personal computers, servers, networks, applications, routers, database systems or cloud solutions, we from BIENE IT adapt each audit to the individual requirements of your IT infrastructure.

As an IT security expert with many years of experience, we not only run the relevant tests, but also give you customised recommendations to close the internal and external security gaps and thus prevent various IT security incidents.

An IT audit usually involves three phases:

1. Planning: an understanding of the company-specific IT workflows is essential for an effective IT security audit. This phase is the basis of all audit activities and requires a competent estimation of the work effort. The focus is not only on the IT infrastructure and the individual steps, but also on the time required. The goal of the planning phase: a concrete schedule for the IT audit that includes all important parameters and goals.

2. Implementation: in this phase, the planned steps will be executed within the defined period of time. In general, this phase identifies and analyses vulnerabilities and risks within relevant IT workflows and systems. A general overview of common actions can be found in our IT audit checklist in the next paragraph.

3. Evaluation: the reporting phase contains concrete suggestions for improvements based on identified vulnerabilities and analyses performed. The spectrum of recommendations can range from the separation of the network into different segments via the use of encryption mechanisms to the evaluation of existing access lists. Compliance with the recommended actions can be monitored upon agreement.

The IT audit checklist: some important steps

We from BIENE IT have a lot of experience in IT audits. Since every company has an individual IT infrastructure, it is not easy to make general statements. Nevertheless, there are some IT systems, processes and spheres that we usually check for most clients. We have prepared this IT audit checklist to help you get an overview.

The IT environment of any company is constantly changing, which means that new security threats can arise. It is therefore important to implement and monitor the suggested changes as well as to run the IT audit on a regular basis to ensure that your IT security meets the latest requirements. With BIENE IT, you benefit not only from our solid know-how, but also from transparent and customised IT security audits.