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How do you benefit from our values?

Support, service, supervision: we offer you all-round package solutions!

We advise and sometimes advise not to. This means: We only offer you solutions that match your needs and that you require for effective and smooth functioning. We stay by your side afterwards and provide you with short response times and fast support. We from BIENE IT are your IT interpreter and reliable partner for prevention, monitoring and supervision of all systems. We believe that expertise also means responsibility. Our workflows are transparent for you: you can understand all processes and costs and have every opportunity to have your say or make decisions. The resulting confidence has earned us a long-standing customer base, reputable certificates and numerous recommendations. We know what we are doing – and our customers know to appreciate it!

With BIENE IT you work:

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We are your partner for reliable IT infrastructure

Safe and stable with BIENE IT – for smooth workflows and more IT security

A reliable IT workflow is the most important premise for smooth and effective operations. We from BIENE IT know: The basis must be right. Every company works differently, so we develop custom-fit solutions that support individual work processes, customised and optimised to your actual needs. Before we start, we want to learn more about you and your company and ask you questions such as: What is important for you? What do you want to achieve? What are your daily tasks? What programmes and tools do you work with? etc. Together with you, we make decisions that will help your company move forward so that you can achieve the goals you have set and the economic success you are striving for. The individual, needs-based solutions bring another key advantage: they allow you to save time in the long term and focus on other business fields and projects. Just contact us – we offer you a first consultation for free!

With BIENE IT you work:

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BIENE IT: more than 25 years of experience in the IT sector


We rely on many years of expertise and solid know-how in the IT sector. Our service portfolio is broadly oriented. Among other things, we ensure that every type of desktop system (whether virtual or physical) functions stably and smoothly. Our IT heart beats for network planning, network design, network construction and network administration. We are experts in software, app and web development as well as backend and interface implementation. No server or operating system is foreign to us, so we can achieve fast and effective results in every case. Our worldwide network of specialists is distinguished by its ability to solve even unusual problems within the shortest time. IT security is also one of our core competencies. Important: We consider everything you trust us to be sensitive data and handle it accordingly, respectfully and responsibly. Our services also include full managed IT services, for example Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) and Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS). With us, you can also protect your IT infrastructure from viruses, Trojans and ransomware, get the best cloud security and make your firewall a particularly strong barrier.


  • IT System Administration
  • Network Architecture Administration
  • Maintenance of complete IT infrastructures
  • Virtual systems VDI and cloud solutions
  • IP Telephony Systems
  • Service & Support 1st, 2nd, 3rd


  • Software Development
  • App Development
  • Web Development
  • Backend & Interfaces (API)
  • Software Packaging MSI, APP-V,
    ThinApp, SCCM


  • Development of sustainably functioning
    IT processes
  • AIT Planning & IT Consulting
  • IT Project Management
  • Solution Finding
  • Consulting as IT interpreter
  • Interim IT Management


and the company founder Patrick BIENErt
Patrick - BieneIT

I manage your IT needs perfectly, because I bring all my know-how from more than 25 years of experience and my passion for IT into your projects! Together with my expert team, I ensure smooth IT processes, optimised IT management and secure IT infrastructures.


Patrick Bienert

IT solution finder, IT interpreter, founder & owner of BIENE IT GmbH
Certificate - BieneIT