Ransomware: Defence and risks for every company

You have probably heard the term ransomware before. It refers to malware that restricts access to data or entire systems and releases them only after a ransom has been paid. In most cases, ransomware attacks are carried out by so-called encryption Trojans, which rewrite all information according to a specific code and thus make it unreadable or inoperable.



Ransomware attacks increased recently
The reasons for this include the Corona pandemic and the resulting trend towards homeoffice, as well as the general boom in remote working. The so-called New Work movement stands not only for the homeoffice option, but also for co-working spaces and digital nomadism. Regardless of the practical approach, the New Work is primarily about flexible working arrangements. However, this not only offers opportunities, it also entails risks. Companies need to create digital workplaces so that employees can work remotely, but these are very vulnerable to ransomware attacks. The consequences of ransomware attacks can be particularly devastating for companies with networked IT infrastructures: in this case, the connected networks are usually also paralysed by the malicious software.

Without a modern IT security management, your company is also an easy victim for cyber criminals. Our experience proves, as do the latest insights and statistics on cybercrime: IT security incidents have increased sharply – the impact is also much more massive than it was a few years ago. Just one example from our practice: 6 months recovery time, 600.000 euros of additional costs – enormous amount for a medium-sized company. This does not include the costs for the breakdown of the IT infrastructure or production systems, etc. Such IT security incidents make it clear: investing in cyber security pays off for every company! A professional IT security management guarantees a quick recovery of the data recoded by the encryption Trojan; thus, downtimes are also reduced. Not to mention that you stand up to cybercrime and do not have to pay a ransom.

What cyber security services do we provide?
We rely on various cybersecurity processes that we can customise according to your needs. Our services include Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) and Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS). Both are cloud-based approaches to IT infrastructure and feature a high level of IT security, including reliable ransomware protection. Regardless of whether you choose Infrastructure-as-a-Service or Desktop-as-a-Service, we ensure that your data is quickly restored in the case of a ransomware attack so you can continue with your work without long downtimes. With the Infrastructure-as-a-Service solution, we take over the management of your entire IT infrastructure, while with the Desktop-as-a-Service concept we simply provide digital workstations for you and your employees. Important: with both solutions, you can adapt the individual services according to your business interests. This means, that if your current needs change, you can scale up or down all components of both solutions – at any time.

With Infrastructure-as-a-Service, we provide you with various components of a datacenter infrastructure from our cloud according to your needs, for example servers, storage space, network resources etc. We also support you with technical assistance, so you benefit from our expertise. Another advantage: you don’t need your own datacenters so you can save on hardware costs, among other things. Regardless of which individual components you consider, with the Infrastructure-as-a-Service solution you can flexibly adapt your IT infrastructure and expect the highest possible level of IT security.

The same also applies to the Desktop-as-a-Service solution. Because we provide virtual desktops and applications for you, you benefit not only from high IT security, including reliable ransomware protection, but also from many other advantages. Your employees enjoy the high flexibility and easy remote working from any end device, regardless of location, i.e. in the spirit of New Work. Of course, you also save on the costs of purchasing and maintaining your own datacenter. We can advise you on which IT solution is best suited to your company: Just get in touch with us!



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