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Big Data

Die Analyse großer Datenmengen ist nur ein Teil dessen, was die Big Data Analyse von früheren Datenanalysen unterscheidet. Es gibt Daten und dann gibt es Big Data. Hier finden Sie heraus, welche anderen Faktoren gelten und wo die Unterschiede liegen. Was ist Big Data? Big Data bezieht sich im Allgemeinen auf Datensätze, die so umfangreich…

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Debian 9 - BieneIT

Debian 9 and Icinga2 and IcingaWeb2

Enable SSH login and use root account on your Debian 9 server. Install Apache apt-get update && apt-get upgrade apt-get install apache2 Edit /etc/apache2/mods-available/mpm_prefork.conf in your text editor and edit the values as needed to optimize:

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Virtualization - BieneIT

What is virtualization, and what is the advantage of virtualization?

What is virtualization? Simply: Virtualization is a computer creation of a virtual version that does not exist as „real“ and is the most often used for servers, operating systems, storage system, hard disk or network resources.

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VMware ESXi Virualization - BieneIT

How to Use VMware ESXi virtualization (instructions step by step how to create a virtual machine).

What is VMware ESXi? VMware ESXi Server is a virtualization software, that means that the VMware ESXi Server is a single physical server who can run multiple virtual machines simultaneously. Each of these virtual machines believes it is running on its own dedicated hardware, and they have the impression that they are separate from the…

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Open Source Network - BieneIT

Open Source Enterprise Monitoring Icinga2 (examples of Monitoring).

Open Source Enterprise Monitoring Icinga2 (examples of Monitoring). Monitoring plays an inevitable part in any IT infrastructure. It could be argued that monitoring tools are the most essential, providing crucial information that will help you ensure service up time and optimal performance. A well configured monitoring setup will keep track of all the important activities…

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Secure Sockets Layer - BieneIT

What is SSL and why is it important for secure web browsing?

What is SSL and why is it important for secure web browsing? Lately, more and more often we hear rumors of numerous identity theft over the Internet, passwords leak, „insertion“ of the virus, and many of the laity is dotted with new concepts and words – such as ransomware. All these security and security posts…

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