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DevOps for software and hardware

What is DevOps? There are multiple interpretations of DevOps (development and operations). Essentially, many features of this approach already exist in most well-functioning cloud organizations. From this angle, DevOps looks more like an evolution than a revolution in the way the…

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OEM and ODM Development

OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing) and ODM (Original Design Manufacturing) are two important terms related to the manufacturing and electronics industries. These terms can sometimes be confusing to people who are new to these industries. Small companies or startups hire some…

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Cloud Services

What is Cloud? What is Cloud? Where's Cloud? Do I already use Cloud? These are just some of the questions you have heard or asked yourself so far. Short and limited, Cloud is a commercial name and metaphor for the…

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Big Data

Analyzing large amounts of data is only a part of what distinguishes Big Data analysis from any other data analysis. Read on to find out what the other aspects are. There is data and then there is Big Data. So,…

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What is DNS (Domain Name System)

What is DNS? DNS, an abbreviation of the Domain Name System, makes your Internet browsing without much trouble. The DNS functions as an interpreter between humans, who talk words, and computers, who “talk numbers”. These numbers are functionally similar to…

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Network architecture

What is Network architecture? Network architecture is the design of a communications network. It includes the physical and logical layout of the network, the framework of accepted standards and specifications of elements, equipment, services, protocols and functions, growth and change…

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